A little more background

This blog I initially started two years ago but I never put it online. I just started my journey inside and I was not clear of why I wanted to have a blog in the first place. It felt like I was too proud of what I am doing and it would have been just a big Ego trip. So I left it as it was and just focused on the things I believe in and tried to live my life accordingly. In the years before I got familiar with mediation (Osho – The Tantra Vision vol. 1Osho – The Tantra Vision vol. 2) and I made this part of my daily life. Next to that I took with me a few books that would help me as a reminder or that I could use whenever I felt I needed some support (e.g. The power of Now – Eckhart Tolle). After roughly about one year on my journey I thought I was aware enough that I could do without my books so I gave them away. And because of this mindset, looking back now,  my daily routine of meditation, observing myself, slowly became a less integrated part of my life. I got distracted……

Now, because of my reality check and trying to get back on track, I decided to do a couple of things.

First of all observing myself by making time for myself everyday, looking as a silent witness at my mind, emotions and body.

The next important thing I realized is that I couldn’t or I didn’t express myself and my believes anymore. Mainly because in the first years of me becoming interested in these things I tried to convince people and hardly anyone was interested. Of course my motives and awareness were all over the place so it is no surprise that I got frustrated there  . In the last year I completely stopped expressing myself because even the ones who were closest to me I didn’t connect with and it felt like I bothered them, so I left them alone. Still ‘I’ have a need for expressing myself, somehow get my experiences out there and also a need for confirmation, to be honest.

Another reason for this blog is that ever since I have been on this journey and I was looking in books or on the internet for some guidance I only found people (masters, teachers, coaches, gurus) that somehow already seemed to be arrived and have experienced it all. Listening to their stories and advice gave me a lot of times the feeling that I still have a loooong way to go and that sometimes discouraged me. So I thought I am not gonna write about my journey after I realized something, anything (if ever) but NOW. I am quit sure there are people out there who are facing the same challenges and although I know it’s  a journey everybody has to do alone it’s sometimes nice to know that I am not alone.

Last but not least I made it a habit to start my day with an inspirational peace of wisdom so it reminds me that with a bit of awareness everyday is a new day in a New World.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Eleanor says:

    I Love reading your posts!
    Have been on the path for most of my life but some times life can be too fast. It’s easy to get lost in it and forgetr priorities.
    Thanks for the inspiration .


    1. Thank your words, it means a lot to me and it inspires me mucho 😉 Btw just checked out your website, really nice and inspiring too!


  2. R.M. says:

    Hi Zorba, thank you for following. Nice to connect and share. This quest… is weird… but it’s worth it finally.


    1. It’s weird but…….It’s fun!!! Keep up the good work!…


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