Being Happy is easier then you think….

The past two years I’ve been happier then ever before. Most of the time a constant flow of the feeling that everything is okay, enjoying whatever happens. And although I was looking for that happiness for many years before, it wasn’t until I stopped looking for it when I started to experience Happiness. When I decided to just live in the moment, here and now and started to try to accept everything happiness just entered my life….

Basically that is all there is to it. I can tell you the long story about how I cut with the past, broke out of society and tried to get rid of any false identities I carry around in my mind. Or how I started meditating to get to know myself in my search for peace, love and freedom. But all there is to it is knowing one thing: I am happiness, I was born happy!

It is  just like with love, it is our natural state only it is clouded and hidden by our minds which are basically programmed by our parents, our teachers, our friends, our society….. Your mind is just like a computer, it’s been programmed by others, nothing is yours and it has nothing to do with You!

All ideas in our minds our artificial, they are not our true nature. They are just a coincidence depending on where you were born, whom you’ve been raised by, what country you live in etc etc. I can honestly assure you that whatever you think is of no use for your happiness. It is the opposite, it is just blocking your happiness.

So you want to be happy! Easy, become aware of your thoughts, that they are not real and don’t contribute to your happiness. By becoming aware of this simple truth you will detach from it sooner or later and you will rediscover your happiness which was there all along. Only thing you need to remember is: Don’t fight your mind, your thoughts, Ego that is clouding your happiness. Just look at it with a loving heart, without judgement. The mind will disappear and happiness will become a fundamental part of your daily life instead of some dream in the future!

With Love,



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  1. This is a beautiful way of putting it.. loved it.. and it’s so true 🙂

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    1. Well it’s just my experience, nothing is truly true except when it’s your experience…….


  2. rosieways says:

    Thank you for sharing this lovely post via my website. Years ago When trying to make sense of a disastrous life choice, I used a set of Zen wisdom cards daily. Usually they really helped, but some of the sayings were beyond my comprehension. Now, having ‘let go’ & allowing life to take it’s intended course, I am poor but blissfully happy. I now understand those cards. I wasn’t quite ready back then. Thanks for the reminder.

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    1. You belong to the richest persons on earth, from what I hear. Life is all about you and how you live you life fully!
      Enjoy your day and have fun!


  3. Sumi Nath says:

    Lovely article.I completely agree that fighting our mind or judging it is not an option. Being an observer to all -is the way to experience bliss ..
    Thanks for sharing 🙂


    1. Thank you Sumi for your lovely comment!

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  4. Marty says:

    Thinking is not bad, but needs to be directed. When we think our ego is in control and happiness seems to vacate our space.

    Anything egocentric seems to eliminate the chance for happiness. Gratitude and giving seem to enhance our chance for happiness.

    Happiness is different that an emotion. An emotion may disappear in less than five seconds. Emotions are fleeting, changing constantly while happiness can endure days and weeks.


    1. Thank you for your great comment! And yes you are right. Often one mistakes, I know cause I did it myself, an really positive emotion with happiness. Real happiness, which you already possess, has no beginning or end and doesn’t depend on something outside you. You just have to drop the ideas in your head to rediscover it. Thinking is not bad but it is in the way of happiness.


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