Ego & Love can not exist together

There is a reason why they cannot exist together.

The reason is that darkness has no being of its own, so it cannot exist in front of the sun.

Darkness is only the absence of sun –so how can the absence and the presence of the same thing exist together?

Darkness is only the absence of sun.

Darkness is nothing in itself.

It is just the absence of sun, it is just the absence of light.

So how can the absence of light appear?

How can both the things exist together?

God will not be able to arrange it.

In the same way ego and love also cannot exist together.

Ego is like darkness.

It is the absence of love, it is not the presence of love.

Within us love is absent so within us the voice of ’I’ goes on resounding.

And with this voice of ’I’ we say that

’I’ want to love,

’I’ want to give love;

’I’ want to receive love.

Have you gone mad! There has never been any relation between ’I’ and love.

And this ’I’ goes on speaking for love –

’I’ want to pray,

’I’ want to attain god,

’I’ want to be liberated.”

This is the same thing as darkness saying,

”I want to hug the sun.

I want to love the sun.

I want to be a guest in the house of the sun.” It is inconceivable.

’I’ is the absence of love itself.

’I’ is the lack of love, and the more we go on strengthening this voice of ’I’, the less possibility there will be of love within us.

The more the ego is there, the more love will be absent;

When there is total ego, love will die totally.

There can be no love within us, because if we search inside we will find that the voice of ’I’ is resounding there for twenty-four hours continuously.

We breathe with this ’I’, we drink water with this ’I’, we enter a temple with this ’I’. What else is there in our lives except this ’I’?

Our clothes are the clothes of our ’I’.

Our positions are the positions of our ’I’.

Our knowledge is the knowledge of our ’I’.

Our spiritual practice, our helping others, is the helping of our ’I’.

Our everything, even our sannyas, is also the sannyas of our ’I’.

A strong feeling arises inside that ’I’ am a sannyasin;

’I’ am not a household man;

’I’ am not an ordinary person;

’I’ am a sannyasin; ”I” am a helper; ”I” am a knowledgeable person; ’I’ am rich; ’I’ am this; ’I’ am that….

The house that has been built around this ’I’, will not be acquainted with love.

And then that music which could bring the heart to the innermost core, which could make it acquainted with the truth of life, will not arise from the veena of the heart.

That door will not open, it will always remain closed.


And you have to clearly see if you are giving it more strength, if you are making it deeper, making it stronger and stronger every day.

If you are making it stronger yourself, then drop the hope that love can arise within you or that the closed knot of love can open or that the treasure of love can be attained.

Drop the very idea. There is no way it can happen.

So I do not tell you to start loving because the ego can also say that ’I’ am a lover and ’I’ love.

The love which comes from the ego is absolutely false hence I said that all our love is false –because it comes out of ego, it is the shadow of ego.

And remember that the love which comes out of ego is more dangerous than the hate,

Because hate is clear, direct and simple but love comes with a changed face and it will be difficult to recognize it.

If you are loved with a love that comes out of ego you will feel after a while that you are being held with iron chains instead of loving hands.

After a while you will come to know that the love which makes beautiful speeches and sings beautiful songs to you is just tempting you in the beginning.

There is much poison in those sweet songs.

And if a love which comes in the form of flowers is a shadow of the ego, then, when you touch the flowers, you will find thorns inside which will pierce you.

When people go to catch fish they put some bait on a hook. The ego wants to become a master of others, it wants to possess them, so it pierces them deeply with the bait of love on a hook.

So many people end up in pain and suffering because of their illusions about love; not even in hell do so many people suffer so much.

Because of this illusion of love the whole earth, the whole humanity is suffering.

But still we do not understand that the love from the ego is false….

This is why this hell has been created.

The love to which ego is attached is a form of jealousy –this is why nobody is as jealous as lovers are.

The love which is attached to the ego is a conspiracy and a trick to possess the other. It is a conspiracy –that is why nobody suffocates so many people as those who talk of love.

This situation is created because of the ’love’ which comes from the ego –

There can never be any relation between love and the ego.

The Inner Journey


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