All that is Beautiful is Feminine

Even when a man is beautiful he has something of the feminine. When a woman is ugly she has something of the male. Beauty is feminine because it cannot be hard, it cannot be stonelike. It can only be like the petals of a rose or a lotus…

So never try to prevent your feminine heart from taking possession of you. We have been taught from the very childhood, ‘Don’t be a sissy, don’t be a girl, don’t be girlish. Be a man!’ By man they have meant: be a chauvinist, be an egoist, be aggressive — because life is a competition, a struggle, a survival for the fittest, so be violent.

That stage of being violent and barbarian has passed! NOW EVERYBODY CAN AFFORD TO BE FEMININE. The century of the feminine is just on the verge of beginning.

Believing the Impossible Before Breakfast, Ch #21 (pdf)

Thanks Beth Katherine


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  1. Ab says:

    The age of aquarius: knowledge, truth, creativity and femininity are the key elements.
    Many of these elements can be seen in everyday life. Through the internet and the smartphone an average person had acces to more knowledge than president Reagan had during his presidency. Truth is revealed more often. Look at wikileaks and the panama papers f.i. Creativity is in the rise through the use of computers. Each person can be a producer of photos, film and music. Back on the topic of femininity, throughout the world more and more women take in high level positions both in business and politics. Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton, Marine and Marion Le Pen.
    Astrology agrees with Osho


    1. Thanks for you comment Ab! Although most of the female politicians just have a male mindset they are aggressive, they fight and they lost a lot of their feminine nature, maybe not lost it but forgot all about it.


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