What is love

The last couple of months I have been a little bit out of my normal here and now happy routine compared with the 2 and a half years before that. On a personal emotional level I came across a few challenges and found that I had more hidden pain from the past then I expected. Pain from the past that I had nicely put away in a little box far far away. But as always things come on your path when you are ready. In my case it’s got all to do with love. I am not going into details but in my journey of figuring this one out and being aware of who I am and face myself I realize that I am on the right path. Although problems arise when I feel I need something, want something, deserve something (working on it) most of the time I am just me and  when I just read what I am about to share with you….. I realize I am love……

“What is love? Love is the fragrance, the radiance of knowing oneself, of being oneself. . . . Love is overflowing joy. Love is when you have seen who you are; and then there is nothing left except to share your being with others. Love is when you have seen that you are not separate from existence. Love is when you have felt an organic orgasmic unity with all that is. Love is not a relationship. Love is a state of being. It has nothing to do with anybody else. One is not in love, one is love. And of course when one is love, one is in love—but that is an outcome, a by-product, that is not the source. The source is that one is love” — Osho

Thoughts on Love
The Transcribed Teachings, The Guest


At some lows life sometimes feels heavy, sometimes even too hard but always remember you only have to stop the thinking to become aware. And when you start doing this you soon begin to see the glimpses of true happiness of your true loving self. I came from far and have a beautiful life, sometimes I fall (deep),  but only one quote helps me time after time:

Bruce Wayne – age 8: Even the scary ones? Alfred Pennyworth: Took quite a fall, didn’t we, Master Bruce? Thomas Wayne: And why do we fall, Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.

Enjoy your day, with love!



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  1. Loving ourselves first is very important if we want others to love us or loved by others! This is insightful! Great 👍

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