If you change, the world changes

Awareness brings a different quality to your life. With awareness, things start changing, changing tremendously – not that you change them, no, not at all. A man of awareness does not change anything, and a man of unawareness continuously tries to change everything. But the man of unawareness never succeeds in changing anything, and the man of awareness simply finds change happening, tremendous change happening.

It is awareness that brings change , not your effort . Why does it happen through awareness ? – because the awareness changes you . And when you are different the whole world is different .

It is not a question of creating a different world , it is only a question of creating a different you . YOU ARE YOUR WORLD , SO IF YOU CHANGE THE WORLD CHANGES . If you don’t change , you can go on changing the whole world – nothing changes ; you will go on creating the same world again and again . You create your world . It is out of you that your world is projected

You create your world. It is out of you that your world is projected. Tantra says: Awareness is the key, the master key which opens all the doors of life.

Source: OSHO , The Tantra vision volume 2, Chapter # 3 : Breaking the Four Seals


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  1. I change – the world changes.
    I remain the same (impossible though) – the world changes.
    It is not only I that experience change.
    If only I could allow myself to love completely.


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