Everybody is born in freedom

Everybody is born in freedom, but dies in bondage. The beginning of life is totally loose and natural, but then enters the society, then enter rules and regulations, morality, discipline and many sorts of trainings, and the looseness and the naturalness and the spontaneous being is lost. One starts to gather around oneself a sort of armor. One starts becoming more and more rigid. The inner softness is no more apparent.

On the boundary of one’s being one creates a fort like phenomenon, to defend, to not be vulnerable, to react, for security, safety, and the freedom of being is lost. One starts looking at others eyes; their approvals, their denials, their condemnations, appreciations become more and more valuable. The others become the criterion, and one starts to imitate and follow others because one has to live with others.

Source: Tantra: The Supreme Understanding


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  1. Val Boyko says:

    Perhaps to die is our final step to recapture freedom again. 💛

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    1. Yes you are right, you need to die to live again. Lucky for us this happens everyday so all that is really needed is understanding…….

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  2. Wendy says:

    It’s so true that we build up our armour through our lives. I have found that I’m in a stage in my life where I’m starting to shake of the shackles and lose some of the layers.. x

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    1. Great! Just be loose and natural and be you!

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      1. Wendy says:

        Absolutely true and anyway I usually get a kick in the ‘ar*e’ by a very good friend or one of my family when I try to be anybody else.. haha x

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