Simply seeing

Confusion is a great opportunity. The problem with people who are not confused is great – they think they know, and they know not. The people who believe that they have clarity are really in great trouble; their clarity is very superficial. In fact they know nothing of clarity; what they call clarity is just…

Okay, here I go…..

Hello fellow Bon Vivants, For today I keep it really short. It’s a beautiful day out here, nice and sunny 🙂 and as soon as I finish this post I am going to enjoy every bit of it. Just wanted to share with you that for the next week I’ll be totally offline. Tomorrow I…


When two lovers are really open to each other, when they are not afraid of each other and not hiding anything from each other, that is intimacy.

The way of the Buddha

Buddha says: if he is a good man, a man of faith… a man who trusts existence, then don’t be worried: wherever he goes he is welcome — at least welcome by those who know, at least welcome by those who understand… and only their welcome is of any worth.

In between being asleep and Awakening

One of the most annoying things of the past few months was that I couldn’t understand why I’ve been so happy and aware but I couldn’t hold on to it. I experienced so much happiness the last two years, my life changed drastically and I thought that there would never be a going back to the asleep…